To respect the mod builder (me), by downloading any of my mods from any location, you agree to not alter any of the files and/or models contained in the download(s)  unless given specific permission from me. Any requests should be submitted to me directly and not to any "league" or "league" Admins that are using any of my mods. All downloads of any of the mods will be done directly from this site. No off site hosting of my mods is authorized unless given permission directly from me. Many hours are put into this work and since the downloads are free, no one has right to complain about any of this. A simple "thank you" works just fine.

Shane Gott

All tracks posted are re-gripped to work with tire and physics updates to the mods.  As of 5/21/17 the Pavement Super Sprints are the only mod updated and ready for use on the "re-worked" tracks. The OSLM, new template Late Models and (winged) Supermodifieds will follow. 



Five Flags

Flat Rock (Flash)


Sandusky (Flash)


Sandusky (JCR)

Star (Flash)

Toledo (Flash)

Lake Erie

Non-Wing Add-on 6/11/17


Winchester (JCR)

Caraway (JCR)


Jennerstown (Flash)


Orange (JCR)

South Boston

Speedway JCR